Bio: I am a transplanted American woman who ended up back in Europe, but not where her ancestors started out. I am a hybrid, like most of us Americans, a mixture of Cornwall, England too, I suppose, Denmark and paprika from Hungary. I had German in high school for no other reason than that my dad had also studied German. I have no German ancestors, but ended up living here where I have spent over 20 years trying to make sense of what happended. I have also lived in Brussels, Belgium, and love traveling all over the planet. I like trying to fit my travels as well as my time at home into the context of my life as a child of God and friend and follower of Jesus Christ. I'm married to a German and we have an adult son who has also turned out to be a frequent flyer. We also have a little dog, Toffee, whom we love very much. You can read previous blog postings of mine at noreen-masterpieceinprogress.blogspot.com

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  1. Stephen Harrap said:

    Dear Noreen, I cant find your email, so here is mine; stephen.harrap@netcologne.de As now MD of the BES, I wish to encourage open discussion with every singer, this also including new repertoire suggestions of good works at an insiring artistic level,
    singling the BES out as your not a 00815 group but something special and international.Please feel free to wrie your thoughts to this email address,
    your European conductor,
    Stephen H

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